Our Health Information Manager, Jocelyne James, explains what the team does and how over 45 publications are put together.

In our own words

In the Health Information team we’re responsible for producing high quality, accurate information on all aspects of prostate cancer for men and their loved ones. We want to help answer the many questions that men and their families may have when faced with a diagnosis of prostate cancer and throughout their journey with the disease.

We have a huge range of information about prostate cancer and prostate disease from facts about signs, symptoms and risk through to information on all the different treatments and managing their side effects. 

We work with health professionals, men with prostate cancer, their families and our volunteers to find out what information men want and make sure all our publications are easy to read, relevant and based on the latest available evidence.

As manager of the team, I know how much time and energy the team spend making sure our information is of a high standard, so I was delighted when we learnt that we have once again passed the Information Standard’s assessment with flying colours. Certification from the Information Standard, which is run by NHS England, means that men know that they can trust that our information is correct and up to date. And with so much information out there online – not all of it as factual as it could be - it is now more important than ever to be recognised as a source of accurate information.

We try and design and develop our information to meet the needs of men with or worried about prostate cancer and those who care for them. With this in mind we developed the 'Know your prostate' pocket guide, which contains basic facts about prostate cancer and fits discreetly into pockets or wallets. This guide was voted the best use of pocket media for a charity in the 2014 Pocket Media Awards, which highlights the valuable role it plays in raising awareness of prostate problems and prostate cancer.

All of our information, including our Know Your Prostate pocket guide, is available to order for free from our website.