Men with advanced prostate cancer and family members of men who have died from prostate cancer share their experiences.

You might find that you can relate to some of these experiences, but it’s okay if you don’t. Everyone’s experience is different. For more information about your own situation, speak to your doctor or nurse.

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Coming to terms with advanced prostate cancer

Read Peter's experience of coming to terms with his feelings about having advanced prostate cancer.

Peter Breslin was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2013

Talking about cancer and dying

Read Peter's experience of talking to his family about prostate cancer and dying.

Talking with my husband about dying

Read about how Mo tried to talk openly with her husband about dying from prostate cancer.

Janet and Mike Daykin

My husband didn’t want to talk about dying

Read Janet's experience of trying to talk to her husband about dying from prostate cancer.

Asking how long my husband had left to live

Read Ruth's story of talking to doctors about her husband's diagnosis.

How my husband planned his end of life care

Read about how Mo’s husband planned his end of life care in advance so they’d know more about what to expect.

My husband’s final week

Read Ruth's experience of looking after her husband at home during his final week.

My husband’s final days

Read Mo's experience of caring for her husband at home before he died from prostate cancer.

Visiting my dad in the hospice

Read about Laura's experience of visiting her dad in the hospice where he passed away.

After my husband died

Read about the things that helped Mo cope after her husband died.

Dealing with treatments for advanced prostate cancer

Read Allister's experience of dealing with treatments for advanced prostate cancer.