Steve Gledhill Awareness Talk

Thank you for helping us to raise awareness of prostate cancer. This page is jam-packed with ideas to help make sure that everyone gets as much out of our visit as possible.

Stand or talk?

Some workplaces let employees drop in to an information stand at a time that suits them. Others book in 30 minute awareness presentations, which could mean arranging groups to attend the talks in allocated timeslots. This is up to you, as different formats will suit different workplaces, however, we find that more employees tend to visit us if they can take time out of their working day, rather than only have the option to use their breaks.

Let Managers know we’re coming

It is best to brief managers about our visit well in advance, and tell them to encourage their team to attend a talk or visit our information stand on the day. Also, make sure everyone knows they’re welcome – we’re delighted to talk to anyone and everyone – men can learn about their own risk and women can get vital information to pass on to friends and family.


Advertising our visit really helps increase attendance. Enclosed is a poster which you can add details of the location and date of the visit before printing out. Displaying our posters on physical and online noticeboards, sending them by e-mail, or putting them in public places before our visit can help to raise awareness that a representative from Prostate Cancer UK is coming. If you have one, get in touch with your internal communications team for more help with this. Emailing employees a week or so before the visit, and again on the morning of the visit, will remind people that Prostate Cancer UK is there. Here is an example of an e-mail you could send out:

A representative from Prostate Cancer UK is here today <insert location> from <insert time>. Please come along and help yourself to free literature, discover more about who is at risk of prostate cancer, the symptoms of prostate cancer to look out for, or take away valuable health messages to pass on to the men in your life.

You could also include a link to our YouTube video in your e-mail:

If you would like any more information or ideas on any of the above, then please don’t hesitate to email us at talks@prostatecanceruk.or or call us on 0203 310 7314. Thank you for helping us move another step closer to beating prostate cancer.