Where will your money go?

We're grateful to our Raise the Roof performers who’ve kindly given up their time for free to support our event. With their generosity, this means we can focus our funds on supporting the 1 in 8 men affected by prostate cancer and funding lifesaving research. 

Prostate cancer is very treatable if caught early. But Covid -19 has meant thousands of men - more men than ever before have gone undiagnosed. Most men with early prostate cancer don’t have symptoms, so knowing the risks and doing something about it can be a life saver. 

Without a screening programme and money to fund the research to get there, too many men will still be diagnosed too late. Money raised from Raise the Roof will go towards funding research to transform diagnosis of prostate cancer for men.  

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The research you're helping to fund - the path towards a national screening programme

We need to change how prostate cancer is diagnosed. Every year 9,500 men in the UK are told that their cancer has already spread at the point they are diagnosed, and they’ve missed the chance of treatment to cure it.  

The best way to drive down this number and stop men getting diagnosed too late is a national screening programme. To implement this UK-wide screening programme, we need extensive evidence that any new method to diagnosis is more accurate, scalable, and better than the current one – the PSA test.

To achieve a national screening programme for prostate cancer, we intend to fund two things: 

  • Clinical trials: we intend to fund large-scale clinical trials. This will give us the evidence we need to demonstrate that newly developed diagnostic approaches will reduce the number of men being diagnosed too late.  
  • Research into better tests: we need to invest more money in research to develop better, more effective tests to give us ways to reduce the number of men being diagnosed before they have a chance to cure it. 


We will not stop funding research into this area until we’ve transformed diagnosis of prostate cancer for men. The money raised through Raise the Roof will help us get there. 

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