Quiz for Men United

What is a Quiz for Men United?

With eight rounds packed with questions on culture, science, sport, music and more, A Quiz for Men United is a great way of getting your mates together for a lively night of fundraising with something for everyone.

The quiz adds up to about two hours of full time fun. Sign up, and we'll send you our Quiz Pack with questions, answers, sound files and set you up with everything else you need to make your quiz a success.

Sign up

How to plan a quiz

1: Get signed up

Signing up is your first step - register your details with us, and we'll email you the Quiz Pack. You'll also be able to get in touch with us for help, advice, materials and any other support you need.

2: Pick a time and a place

Try to pick a time when most people will be available, and in a easily accessible location – it doesn't have to be a pub! And make sure you give everyone plenty of notice to diarise the quiz of the year.

Pub quiz

3: Set up your fundraising page

JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving can be a big help when you're setting up - they're perfect platforms for collecting registration fees, promoting your quiz, getting teams registered and doing any extra fundraising around your Quiz.

4: Get your quiz out there

Spread the word, and try to give yourself as much time as possible to recruit. Use a Facebook event, Twitter, email, your work's intranet and our downloadable A4 posters - but you'll still need to cajole people personally!

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Ask as many people as possible to get involved, such as your family, friends, work colleagues, members of local sports and social clubs, members of your local church, synagogue, mosque and staff at your local school. And as well as joining the quiz, some of them might be willing to help you promote it by contacting their networks, putting up posters or selling tickets.

If you're holding your quiz at a pub, they might even help you manage the recruitment of teams - and it's worth listing your page on pubquizzers.com, too.


5: Prizes!

If the glory and honour of being crowned winner isn't enough, ask a local business if they will donate a prize such as a bottle of wine, a hamper or a voucher.

6: Get covered

A good quiz is a safe quiz! You may need to get a license for your activities at your particular venue, as well as health and safety checks. For more information on the technicalities, visit hse.gov.uk.

Boost your fundraising

Looking to go the extra mile? Here are a few ways you can make a real meal of it:

  • Give teams the option to buy three of their answers for one round only. We recommend charging £1 or £2 per answer.
  • Use our fun 'higher or lower' bonus round to raise additional funds by asking teams to pay to play.
  • Hold a raffle and ask local business, friends and family for prizes.
  • Hold a cake sale or put on a spread. You can either ask your quizzers for donations, or ask your venue to give a discount on food and then donate the difference. Make sure you check food hygiene rules at food.gov.uk first!
  • Have a collecting tin at the venue, or sell our pin badges at a suggested donation of £1. If you'd like a branded tin or pin badges, make sure you've registered and get in touch.
  • Charge a 'fine' to anyone caught using their mobile phones during the quiz.
  • Make your quiz fancy dress and charge people who don’t dress up!
  • Ask your employer if they can match the amount you've raised from the quiz.

Any questions?

  • I'd like to talk about my plans - who do I speak to?  

    We we'd love to talk through your ideas and plans with you - you can contact us online, or on 020 3310 7014.

  • Can I have collection tins, pin badges, balloons and other things?  

    Absolutely! Call us on 020 3310 7014, or complete our fundraising materials order form. Make sure you've signed up, and contact us three weeks in advance of your quiz.

  • What do I do on the day?  

    The big day is here. It's quiz time.

    • Have you decorated the room with Men United posters, collection tins and other merchandise?
    • Have you checked that teams have everything they need such as pens and answer sheets?
    • Are you prepared for spontaneous quiz goers?
    • If you're using one, have you tested the PA system?
    • Have you put collection tins or pin badges out for people to buy?
    • If you're doing one, have you announced the winner of the fancy dress competition?

    All that’s left to say is have fun! And remember: a good game is a fast game, aim to have everything done and dusted in 2 hours.

  • What are joker cards and pound cards?  

    The joker card can be used to double a team's points on one round.

    The pound card can buy the answers of up to three questions in one round (but not the joker round). The card is a great way to fundraise, but it is optional.

  • What do I do after my quiz?  

    • Count up your takings, add up your total and send in the money. Don’t forget to collect all the collection tins.
    • Thank everyone who attended or supported you, including the venue.
    • Send us your photos! You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or direct email.
  • How do I pay in the money?  


    Pay in with our donation form

    By phone

    Call us on 0800 082 1616 to make a card payment

    By cheque

    Please make cheques payable to Prostate Cancer UK, and use a printable donation form.

    Our address is Prostate Cancer UK, Fourth floor, The Counting House, 53 Tooley Street, London SE1 2QN.

    Sponsorship forms

    If you’ve used a sponsorship form, send them in so we can claim the Gift Aid on donations. For every £1 donated by UK taxpayers, we receive an extra 25p.

    Just make sure your donors provide their full address including postcode and tick the Gift Aid box. It’s that simple.