Sports clubs

We'd love your team and ours - Men United - to join together to form a band of allstars. You could make us your charity of the year, hold an event at your club or do something completely different. It doesn't matter what club you belong to: be it bowls, football, golf or swimming, we're all part of the same team.

To do that, just tell us your grand plan. We’ll send you fundraising materials to help make your club or group event even more awesome.

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Social groups and membership clubs

If you've got hobbies or interests that bring you together with a group, why not try turning your collective energy to beating prostate cancer? Whether you're a community gardener, a carol singer, a book clubber or a lady wot lunches, we've got an awful lot for you to do when you get together. And we can give you all the help, advice and materials you'll need to turn your group's energy into a successful fundraiser.

If you've got plans, let us know about them and we'll be in touch. Or if you're looking for ideas, feel free to contact us!

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Students are a sharp bunch, not to mention social. Put that brainpower and enthusiasm together with ours, and we'll be a force that's hard to ignore!

From baking and barbecuing through to sports and skydiving, we've got loads on offer. Get in touch with us - or if you've already got plans, let us know what you're up to: we've got the materials and the expertise to help you get your show on the road.

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How we'll help

Whatever you decide to do, we’ll be on your side. Here’s how:

Fundraising materials

We have lots of branded stuff like t-shirts, posters and banners. Hit 'get involved' to tell us what you'd like to do and we'll send you the bits you need.

Help contacting the media

We’re well schooled in press releases, statements, and advice on engaging with your local media. You’re also welcome to use our official logo on posters, tickets and websites.

Help on social media

Link to our social media sites to help promote your events. And when you Facebook, Instagram or tweet about your efforts, earn an A+ from us.

Fundraising ideas

We're pretty confident your brains are fizzing with innovative fundraising ideas, but if it’s a slow idea day we’re happy to help. Just get in touch with our friendly bunch of fundraisers and they’ll get you set up.

And that's just for starters! Get in touch with us and we'll help you get set up.

How do I send in what I've raised?

If you've been raising money by working together, a big thank you from us! You can send it to us quickly and simply through our online donation form.

  • Online  

    You can pay in with our quick and simple donation form.

  • By phone  

    Call us on 0800 082 1616 to make a card payment.

  • By post  

    Please make cheques payable to Prostate Cancer UK, and use a printable donation form. Our address is Prostate Cancer UK, Fourth floor, The Counting House, 53 Tooley Street, London SE1 2QN.

    Sponsorship forms

    If you’ve used a sponsorship form, send them in so we can claim the Gift Aid on donations. For every £1 donated by UK taxpayers, we receive an extra 25p.

    Just make sure your donors provide their full address including postcode and tick the Gift Aid box. It’s that simple.