My Dad would be very proud at me supporting the March

William lost his father to prostate cancer in 2015. He is supporting our March for Men to raise awareness as well as vital funds

William lost his father, Brian, to prostate cancer in 2015. Brian was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer at the age of 48 in 2012. At the time Brian was having severe pain in his back, which transpired was the fact that the cancer had spread outside of the prostate to his pelvis, which was causing the pain.

'When I found out about Dad it was quite sad and I asked "would he be in a wheel chair?" and "would he die?". My dad always kept strong and kept quietly battling on.

We knew we had to spend the most amount of time with Dad and that we had to give him a good quality of life.

'I think we all dug in and did our best for Dad and we all comforted him during the disease. It was hard when Dad was going for treatment and it was long process that took a toll on us as a family. I suppose we struggled through it and we knew what was coming but we didn’t want that to overcome us and we wanted the best for Dad and we wanted him to get the best quality of life.

'We had to adjust and make changes as a family as it wasn’t my old Dad, it was my Dad who could barely find the strength to walk and couldn’t do all the stuff he wanted to do with me and Mum.'

William and his family started fundraising for Prostate Cancer UK in order to help raise vital funds and awareness.

'We started to put the disease behind us and look forward and try to help other men who could potentially get prostate cancer. Help them to get through it and be cured.

'When Dad was really ill, he was at home 24/7. It was a struggle and hard but we knew we had to spend the most amount of time with Dad and that we had to give him a good quality of life because that’s what he wanted and that’s what we wanted. We would watch the football and films and just spent as much time as we could together.

William is now supporting the London March for Men on 17 June 2017, which he sees as an opportunity to raise a great amount of awareness as well as vital funds.

'For me, the aim is to a cure prostate cancer, to stop men dying. I would like the money raised from the London March for Men to go towards research that will ultimately find a cure. I would encourage anyone to bring their friends and family along to the event but also raise a lot of awareness of the disease.

'March for Men is also a great way to keep the memory alive of people who have died, like my Dad. I know my Dad would be very proud supporting the March and I hope it keeps people inspired to keep fighting.'


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