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1: Make your fundraising page stand out

Add photos, videos or a blog to your page and show people how hard you’re working on your challenge.

2: Personalise your page and update your story

Tell people why you’re marching. Personal stories add meaning to your event, and when you share your passion with people, they'll be more inclined to donate.

3: Ask generous friends and family to donate first

Once your page is set up, ask a generous friend or relative to make the first donation. Studies show that people tend to match existing donations on the page.

4: Share your page

Make sure you send a link to your page to colleagues, contacts, friends and family on email and social media, and ask them to share it as well.

Materials order form

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5: Remind regularly

Keep your contacts updated with what you’re doing, your training, how close you are to your total, and a reminder to donate. Combine it with a prize for the donation that takes you over a certain amount!

6: Contact the press

Fill in our template press releases and use them to contact your local newspapers, radio stations and other media outlets. The more people who hear about your walk, the more support you’re likely to get. So download our template press releases (.doc) and get sending:

7: Use our branded materials

If you're planning any extra fundraising to top up your total, like running a bake sale or organising a quiz, we can help with flags, collection tins, clothes, badges and anything else you need. Just complete our materials order form.

8: Remember to send it in!

We collect anything that you raise through JustGiving automatically - but for everything else, there's our Monies return form.


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