Jeff stelling wembley finish

For walkers

Paying in your fundraising

If you have cash donations to pay in, please pay the money into your bank account then pay this into your online fundraising page. This will add to your individual fundraising total, and boost our overall total of Jeff’s March.

You can also pay in your money online directly to Prostate Cancer UK, over the phone or by post but you will need to reference your name and the event ‘Jeff Stelling’s March for Men’ with it. Find out more about paying in your fundraising.

Please speak to our Supporter Care team on 0800 016 8282 if you would like further assistance.

  • When and where is registration for each day?  

    Registration for each day will be between 7am and 7.30am at the departure club. Please head for the main entrance of the starting stadium for your day.

    Allow time to park and get to the registration point which will be signposted/marshalled by one of our team.

    The walk will set off at 8am prompt every morning, so please ensure that you arrive at registration in good time.

    Exceptions - Day 4 and Day 10

    There are two exceptions:

    • Day 4 (Monday 5 June - Kidderminster to Shrewsbury)
    • Day 10 (Sunday 11 June – Fleetwood to Morecambe)

    Registration for both of these days will be between 7.30am and 8am. The walk on these days will begin at 8.30am.

  • What if I am late or can't find the registration point?  

    If you are running late or are having trouble finding the registration point, please call the event phone on 07500 568 103.

    Please note that this number is only available during the event. If you have a question about the event please contact Prostate Cancer UK on 0800 082 1616.

  • Can I bring a bag with me?  

    Should you need to leave a small bag for the day, this will be carried in the support van and made available to you again at the finish.

    Please make sure it is clearly labelled and hand it to us when you register.

    Bags are left at your own risk, so do not leave valuables.

    Bags cannot be left at the start location as the venue may be closed on your return.

  • What food will be provided during the day?  


    Breakfast will be provided in the morning for registered walkers.

    This will vary according to what clubs can lay on but is likely to be cereals/fruits/toast. We would advise that you see this as an additional breakfast and that you eat some food yourself before arriving at registration.


    Lunch will be provided for registered walkers and vary from location to location.

    In some cases it will be a buffet style lunch and in others it will be a packed lunch that we will collect and eat en route.

    End of the walk

    You will also be provided with an end-of-walk meal at the finishing stadium. This will again vary from club to club but will provide you with some sustenance after a long day of walking.


    Please do bring your own snacks/sweets to make sure you have plenty of nutrition for your day.


    Please also arrive with a filled water bottle so that you are ready to begin the challenge – you can re-fill this bottle during the day.

    We will not be providing bottles for water - you must bring your own.

  • What should I wear?  

    We would recommend you do not wear jeans and instead wear walking trousers/tracksuit bottoms or leggings (or shorts if the forecast is hot). These will be much more comfortable than jeans on long hot days or if it is wet.

    Non-cotton sports t-shirts are best to avoid you getting too sweaty.

    Bring waterproofs (jacket and trousers) with you in case it does rain at any point.

    If it looks like it will be cold then please bring some warm layers as appropriate.

  • What footwear should I bring?  

    Please ensure you have pre-worn the footwear you will be wearing on the day.

    Please look at the terrain rating for your day. All of the days will have plenty of tarmac/road walking, with differing amounts of other types of terrain such as footpaths, canal towpaths and bridleways depending upon the terrain rating.

    For days with a 3* or 4* terrain rating (Days 2, 3, 8, 10, 11 and 12), we would recommend wearing shoes/lightweight boots that have a decent off-road tread that will provide grip if it is muddy or wet underfoot (particularly for days with a 4* terrain rating).

    For all other days with a 1*-2* terrain rating, shoes/trainers designed for walking on tarmac will be fine but please be mindful of how much it has been raining in the run up to the event.

    Nearly all of the days will have a few sections of mud/off-road we need to walk over. Please keep an eye on the weather forecast for the day and prepare accordingly.

  • What else should I bring?  

    • Sun hat and sun block – the event is in mid-June so the sun will be at its most intense.
    • You must also remember to bring with you any personal medication and your own supply of blister plasters/Vaseline/anything else you feel you need to look after your feet.
    • You will need to carry any kit/clothing/snacks with you for the day, but we will have regular water refilling points and we will be providing lunches each day so you will not need to carry any more food or water than needed.
  • Will there be car parking available?  

    Car parking is available at or nearby the start location at your own cost. In many instances this will be free of charge but you may need to pay and display so please bring cash.

    All cars are left at the owners' risk.

    Please allow ample time to park as some car parking may not be immediately adjacent to the stadium.

  • When will each day finish?  

    Whilst we cannot guarantee exactly when the walks will finish, we would expect most days to be finished between 6pm and 7pm (except Day 4 and 10 which will be a bit later due to later starting times).

    Please note that whilst we will do everything to ensure these timings are met, the nature of the event means that things can over run for a whole variety of reasons so please plan accordingly.

    After such a long day we would recommend you make your post-event journey plans bearing in mind that you will be tired.

  • Can I book an end of day transfer?  

    For those of you who have arranged a lift with family or friends, you will be free to leave once you have been checked out at the finish line.

    For those of you who have booked an end-of-day transfer back to the start point, then this will leave as soon as everyone has completed the walk and had a chance to have some food.

    If you want to book an end of day transfer then please use our transfer booking form.

    The cost of the transfer is £10 per person. This payment must be made in cash at registration in the morning. Failure to pay for your transfer at registration will result in your transfer being cancelled.

    Most transfers will take around 40-45 minutes depending on traffic. All end-of-day transfer bookings must be made by Friday 26 May.

  • What about the safety of the walkers?  

    This event is fully supported by our team of walking leaders who all have plenty of experience looking after groups of walkers so you are in good hands.

    Everyone on the team is a first-aider and we will carry first aid kit for any emergency situations. There will also be a support vehicle on hand throughout the event.

    Whilst utmost care has gone into planning the routes to ensure we take the safest viable route between the start and end locations, please be aware we will be walking along extended sections of open country road and pavement besides busy roads.

    The event crew will provide support throughout, but walkers must exercise common sense and take a degree of personal responsibility for their own wellbeing whilst taking part in the event. We will provide a full mandatory safety briefing each day ahead of the walk setting off.

    To help you prepare, please consider the following safety advice:

    • On open roads where no pavement is available then we will always walk in single file, towards oncoming traffic, unless instructed otherwise by an event walking leader.
    • Always look both ways when crossing roads and take responsibility for your own safety. Exercise commonsense at all times and do not presume that just because the rest of the group is crossing it is safe for you to do so.
    • Always have visible your event bib top which will be provided. It helps us to recognize walkers who are taking part in the event.
    • Always carry your event instructions (which will be provided at registration). These will explain what to do should you become separated from the group.
    • Inform an event walking leader if you are unwell, suffer an injury or for any other reason you need to drop out.
    • Ensure that you checkin and have your name recorded at each checkpoint and at the finish. This enables us to ensure everyone is still within the group.
  • Will we split into smaller groups?  

    Each day of the walk is very much being run as a team event, and not as a race.

    While it may become necessary to split the group into smaller teams (particularly on days with large numbers of walkers) we would like to encourage you all to walk as a team and to help each other to get to the end of each day.

    In particular, Jeff will need all your support and encouragement throughout the day, so please make sure you take the time to speak to him and the rest of the Prostate Cancer UK team.