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Vital research was saved thanks to you, and now we must save more men.

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Last year our labs were forced to close, we were predicting a significant loss in income and we feared our current research – and any future investments – would be in jeopardy.

But, thanks to our incredible supporters, our vital research has been saved. We’ve been able to kickstart an investment of £2 million into new prostate cancer research. This research will help the 400,000 men that are living with prostate cancer in the UK.

One man dies from prostate cancer every 45 minutes. But with you by our side we can keep investing in ground-breaking research to save more men, helping them to spend longer with their families.

Donate to keep research going

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Donate to keep up the momentum to save more men

Time is everything when funding research that has the potential to save more men’s lives. We don’t have any time to waste, we must keep up the momentum.

Donate to keep up the momentum to save more men

Our research

One research project that we are now able to start, thanks to our supporters coming together, is our immunotherapy programme.

Immunotherapy is an innovative way of looking at treatment that involves harnessing the body’s own natural defence systems against prostate cancer.

In other diseases, we’ve seen it bring lifelong cures to those who had been told their disease was terminal.

Dr Eileen Parkes is one of our researchers who’s developing a new treatment to help cure more men treated with radiotherapy and ultimately stop prostate cancer from limiting the lives of men.

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Find out more about immunotherapy

There are many approaches scientists can take to harness the immune system’s power. We investigate and ask if immunotherapy has a future as a way of treating prostate cancer.

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Act now to give men the breakthroughs they deserve

“Prostate cancer hasn't got the attention it needs, so research has fallen behind compared to other diseases. Together, we will make the breakthroughs that will save lives." – Dr Parkes, University of Oxford.


These investments in research can’t come soon enough for men.

This year has taught us how much we can achieve when we come together. If we can maintain this momentum, the impact we could have on men with prostate cancer will be monumental. We’ve only just begun to unlock the power of treatments like immunotherapy. We know the potential it holds in the form of the life-long cures for this devastating disease. And we know it’s what men deserve.

Act now to give men the breakthroughs they deserve