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As we make progress against COVID-19, prostate cancer remains as big a threat as ever. It’s the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK and every year, more than 11,800 men die from the disease.

Prostate cancer affects so many of us and effective treatments aren’t always available. In many cases, if the disease advances, it will eventually become resistant to treatment.

Once the cancer has stopped responding to treatment, men are left with very few options.
Ultimately, they run out of time.

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Lloyd Family

Lloyd Pinder was among those men.

Lloyd Pinder died last year at just 49 years old. He was a father, a husband, a son and a friend. And he was lost far too young to this terrible disease.

Lloyd’s condition took a turn for the worse. With a diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer, he knew a time would come when treatments would eventually stop working. And heartbreakingly, this came at the brink of the pandemic.

Lloyd’s combination of treatments, and his reaction to them, meant he had reduced immunity and was unable to hug or get close to his family in his final few months. He passed away in September of last year.

We are desperate to stop stories like Lloyd’s happening. Prostate cancer affects one in eight men in the UK, making it a disease that will likely touch all of us in some way.

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Our research

Treatment resistance is an incredibly complex problem to fix. But solving it could have a major impact for men like Lloyd with advanced prostate cancer – helping them grow old with, or even be cured of, their disease.

One of our researchers, Dr Juan Jiménez-Vacas, hopes his work can help deliver the progress men so desperately need.

He’s using a technique called multi-omics, where multiple methods of analysing prostate cancer are brought together to understand the full picture of treatment resistance, to find ways to prevent resistance occurring in the first place.

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The last 18 months have been life-changing for all of us, and even harder for those who’ve lost loved ones to prostate cancer. But our tragic losses only demonstrate further the desperate need for progress against this disease.

Research like Dr Jiménez-Vacas’ has the potential to be game-changing for men with prostate cancer.

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“Without you I simply couldn’t be doing this work. I give you my promise that I will put all of my efforts into this research and getting men the better treatments they deserve.”– Dr Juan Jiménez-Vacas.

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Living with advanced prostate cancer

Living with advanced prostate cancer can be hard to deal with emotionally as well as physically and may affect your life, work and relationships but there are ways to deal with these changes.

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