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The need for a screening programme for prostate cancer has never been more urgent. Last year, almost 12,000 fathers, brothers, sons and mates lost their lives to this devastating disease.

A screening programme could have made all the difference to these men by catching their cancer early when we know it’s easier to cure. Early diagnosis isn’t just important, it's vital.

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The key to earlier diagnosis, and the best way to protect men from this devastating disease, is a screening programme. But right now a screening programme for prostate cancer isn’t possible, and men are paying the price with their lives.

It’s not possible because we need a test that’s far more accurate and reliable at spotting the disease. Funding research into better tests is the only way to achieve a reliable screening programme for men. But we need your help to get us there.

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Dr Jennifer Munkley may have the test that men need. Unlike the PSA test, it can accurately differentiate between low-risk prostate cancer and cancer that needs urgent treatment. It means it could be used as part of a national screening programme for prostate cancer. 

Our major breakthrough was last year. When I found the test, I knew it was something really important.

- Dr Jennifer Munkley

Men’s lives are hanging in the balance. But funding research like Dr Munkley’s could put an end to the injustice.

Right now, with no screening programme, a diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer could happen to any man. Funding research is an opportunity to lower the odds of that happening. Together we can make a difference.

- Bill Turnbull, broadcaster and Prostate Cancer UK ambassador.


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