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Turn it on again... let’s talk about sex

Speaker: Lorraine Grover, Psychosexual Nurse Specialist, The London Clinic and The Shelburne Hospital, Buckinghamshire


Prostate cancer patients and their partners are a subspecialty group of patients for whom Lorraine has developed particular expertise. In this webinar, Lorraine argues that management of these patients should not just be focused on pharmacological intervention.

She champions the need for sexual function to be addressed with all prostate cancer patients irrespective of the management of their prostate cancer. The relationship status, culture, age or sexual orientation of each patient should not be a barrier. This care should be provided by suitably qualified personnel in a safe and confidential environment. Each individual’s sexual circumstances and experiences should be considered.

Lorraine believes that the future of managing sexual dysfunction depends on practitioners being part of a multidisciplinary team, and she will discuss management options to help improve the quality of life issues that men and women who survive cancer may experience.


Lorraine qualified as a nurse in 1984 from St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London and for several years was a nursing sister in Accident and Emergency with a particular interest in advanced trauma life support. For the past twenty years she has specialised in managing erectile dysfunction (ED) and trained as a psychosexual (sex) therapist in 2003. As an NHS research sister she was involved in early clinical trials to assess the efficacy and safety of sildenafil citrate (Viagra). Lorraine recognised how giving patients the opportunity to discuss their sexual difficulties can significantly improve their well-being. She then developed a ‘nurse led’ erectile dysfunction clinic at St George’s Hospital, London. For several years, Lorraine provided the only ED service for assessment and management of patients referred by primary and secondary care in the area. As causes for erectile dysfunction can be both psychological and organic she considers both aspects of management.

She received a Developing Practice Award from The Queen’s Nursing Institute which enabled her to produce ‘The Erection Connection’. This is an information guide that provides an overview of erectile dysfunction for patients, partners and healthcare professionals. This can be viewed on her website www.lorrainegrover.com. Lorraine is a trustee of the Sexual Advice Association and attends various advisory boards regarding men’s health. She is a member of the British and International Societies of Sexual Medicine and College of Sex and Relationship Therapists.

Date recorded: August 2016

Date due for revision: August 2017