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Radical prostatectomy for oligometastatic disease

Speaker: Mr Bill Cross, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


The 5-year relative survival of men who present with stage IV prostate cancer is only 30%. In men who present with low-volume metastatic (oligometastatic) disease, there is a suggestion on the basis of accumulating preliminary evidence that local therapy to the prostate gland may have a therapeutic role.

This webinar will explore the potential role of radical prostatectomy in men who present with oligometastatic disease.


Mr Cross is a Consultant Urologist with a specialist interest in pelvic oncology. Mr Cross' post has allowed him the opportunity to focus on diseases of the prostate gland, specifically prostate cancer. Following a European Fellowship to train in robotic surgery in Sweden in 2007, he developed the robotic radical prostatectomy programme in Leeds.

Following his PhD studies Mr Cross has been actively involved in both clinical and laboratory research and education. Mr Cross is involved in National and International clinical studies investigating the management of localised and advanced prostate cancer. Bill Cross sits on the national educational body of Prostate Cancer UK.