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Prostate cancer and black men

Speaker: Tony Wong, Men at Risk Programme Manager, Prostate Cancer UK

The webinar will explore the needs of black men in relation to prostate cancer, and how these may differ to men of other ethnicities. It will consider who is included when we refer to ‘black men’, what is known about why black men have an increased risk of prostate cancer, cultural factors which may influence the different needs for African verses African Caribbean men, the impact of being a first or second generation black man, social economic factors, as well as support networks and faith.


Tony Wong joined Prostate Cancer UK in June 2014 as our African & African Caribbean Project Manager. His role involved increasing awareness amongst Black men about their increased risk of developing prostate cancer, supporting research into why Black men are at an increased risk of developing the disease, as well as building and maintaining relationships with key community stakeholders in order to improve standards of care for men and their families in this community. In August 2016, his role changed to Men at Risk Programme Manager, and involves managing our new Men at Risk programme that superseded the African & African Caribbean programme. As well as focusing on black men, it will eventually look to address the needs of other at-risk men such as older men, men with a family history, and obese men.

Date recorded: August 2016

Date due for revision: August 2017