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MR Imaging in prostate cancer


Dr Phil Haslam, Consultant Interventional and Uroradiologist, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne


In this webinar Dr Phil Haslam will cover MRI imaging for prostate cancer. He will give a brief overview of prostate cancer, and what the problems are with the current/old strategies of staging. Phil will discuss what the urologist and oncologist need to know from imaging the prostate gland. He will then discuss mpMRI, what it means and how he performs it.

Phil will also discuss how we locate tumour, how we assess its aggressiveness and how we stage the tumour. This will involve discussion of DWI and dynamic contrast enhanced MRI. There are several pitfalls that the radiologist needs to be aware of when interpreting these types of scan and he will be illustrating these with clinical examples. PI-RADS 2 will be discussed (advantages/disadvantages) along with Phil's current method for reporting these types of scan.


Dr Phil Haslam trained in Newcastle qualifying in 1989. He then worked in Newcastle and Nottingham before returning to Newcastle to train in Radiology. He was Lecturer in Interventional Radiology at the College of Surgeons in Dublin then was appointed as a consultant interventional and uroradiologist in Newcastle in 1999.

He has a keen interest in uroradiology and interventional radiology with a wide experience of interventional and imaging techniques. He is the current chairman of the British Society of Urogenital Radiology and also runs an online independent review website for medical devices ‘Which Medical Device’. His current areas of interest are prostatic artery embolization, prostate MRI and tumour ablation techniques.

This webinar was hosted in collaboration with The Royal College of Radiologists.

The Royal College of Radiologists