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Multi-parametric MRI and prostate cancer

Speaker: Hashim Ahmed, MRC Clinician Scientist and Honorary Consultant Urological Surgeon, University College London and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

For the last three decades, prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment has been delivered without accurate knowledge of tumour location. Recent years have seen a dramatic rise in the accuracy of prostate MRI for detecting and ruling-out clinically significant prostate cancer. In this webinar, Hashim Ahmed will review the definition of clinically significant prostate cancer, how multi-parametric MRI can accurately locate these types of cancer and enable image-fusion targeted biopsies, and in those men with a negative MRI, the ability to avoid a biopsy. The evidence for MRI in active surveillance and delivery of treatments such as nerve-sparing surgery, dose escalation radiotherapy and focal therapies like cryotherapy and HIFU will also be touched upon.


Hashim is an internationally renowned expert in prostate cancer diagnosis, imaging and biopsy as well as minimally invasive therapies for prostate cancer such as HIFU and cryotherapy. His research interests are in Health Technology Evaluation including multi-parametric MRI, Histoscanning, Tissue Type Imaging, as well as therapeutic interventions such as HIFU, irreversible electroporation, photodynamic therapy, cryotherapy and radiofrequency ablation. He has performed hundreds of transperineal targeted and mapping biopsies and hundreds of HIFU procedures. He has taught dozens of surgeons in these techniques in the UK and around the world and given dozens of invited international lectures in this area. He has an extensive research portfolio with about £3M in grant income as a principal applicant and co-applicant to a research programme of approximately £12M. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers in areas that have led to key changes in the way we diagnose and treat men.