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Minimally invasive prostate treatment for localised prostate cancer

Speaker: Hashim Ahmed, MRC Clinician Scientist and Reader in Urology, UCL; Honorary Consultant Urological Surgeon, University College Hospital


Men with localised prostate cancer that is medium or high risk face a number of treatment options. These can often be confusing and making a decision about which treatment to undergo can be very difficult. This is particularly so when the cancer control benefit of treatments are so similar and the side-effects can be very different. 

This webinar will provide a detailed review of minimally-invasive therapies in the context of the latest evidence.

New treatments such as HIFU and cryotherapy attempt to minimise the impact of treatment on urine, sexual and bowel function. At the same time, they attempt to retain the benefit of cancer control. These therapies can be targeted to individual areas of cancer rather than the whole prostate which means that the collateral damage - to nerves, blood vessels, the muscles that control urine flow and the back passage – is limited. Side-effects are lower than whole-gland treatments and medium term cancer control rates are now acceptable.


Hashim is an internationally renowned expert in prostate cancer diagnosis, imaging and targeted biopsy, as well as minimally invasive therapies for prostate cancer having pioneered much of the work in focal therapy. He has an extensive research portfolio with about £4 million in grant income as a principal applicant and £12 million as co-applicant. He is Co-Principal Investigator in the NIHR-HTA PROMIS trial and the UCL PICTURE trial. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers in areas that have led to key changes in the way we diagnose and treat men with localised prostate cancer. He is currently Director of the Surgical and Interventional Trials Unit and Director of the UCH/UCL Prostate Clinical Research Programme.

Date recorded: October 2016

Date due for revision: October 2017