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Support & survivorship

Interpersonal communication and decision-making

Speaker: Liz Bryan, Director of Education and Training, St Christopher's Hospice, London

The 2012 NICE Guideline for Prostate Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment states that men with metastatic prostate cancer should be offered ‘tailored information and access to specialist urology and palliative care teams’ to address their specific needs and ‘the opportunity to discuss any significant changes in their disease status or symptoms as these occur’. However, many professionals lack confidence when initiating conversations about disease progression and poor prognosis.

This webinar will explore what effective interpersonal communication is and how it can be improved between healthcare professionals and men with prostate cancer, especially through transition from curative to palliative care and decision-making at end of life.


Liz Bryan has a background in palliative care nursing, counselling psychotherapy and interdisciplinary education. She is currently employed by St Christopher's Hospice as Director of Education and Training but maintains a role two days a week as a lecturer at the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, Kings College London, supporting the delivery of evidence-based palliative and end of life care academic education. In her role as Director of Education and Training at St Christopher’s, she is committed to driving the national development of hospice-based palliative and end of life care education and training. Her particular focus is on ensuring consistency and quality of practice-based training for the generalists who provide the bulk of the care to people approaching the end of life.