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Service management

Improving the effectiveness of multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings in NHS cancer services

Speaker: Rose Gray, Policy Adviser, Cancer Research UK


The 2015 Cancer Strategy for England described MDTs as the ‘gold standard’ of cancer services. There has been a growing demand on MDTs, but little increase in capacity. As a result, there is not always enough time to discuss patients at length, to involve more than a few health professionals or all relevant information.

To reflect the changing nature of cancer care and the increased demand for services, there is a need to refresh the format of MDT meetings to make them work more effectively. CRUK’s recent research highlights the need to refresh the format of multidisciplinary team meetings. The report, which will be discussed in this webinar, contains several UK-wide recommendations, aiming to streamline and optimise MDT meetings in order to better meet the needs of patients today and in the future.


Rose is a Policy Adviser at Cancer Research UK, where she works on cancer services, NHS performance and patient data. Since joining the charity she has worked on a variety of policy areas and has been advocate for involving patients in policy development. Before joining CRUK she studied Chemistry, worked in science communication and was a nursing assistant in the NHS for six years.