0:30 Learning hours


Prostate cancer essentials: The management of metastatic (advanced) prostate cancer

 This module will discuss the symptoms and treatment of advanced and metastatic prostate cancer, including the role of hormone therapy and chemotherapy.

In order to better understand the purpose of hormone therapy and the different ways in which this can be achieved (if you are unfamiliar with this), then you may also wish to undertake the module on locally advanced prostate cancer and the unit on the principles of hormone therapy.

When you have completed this module, you will be able to:

  • Describe the first and second line treatments available for men with advanced (non-metastatic) and metastatic prostate cancer, including men with castrate resistant disease;
  • Explain the term castrate resistant prostate cancer;
  • Outline current developments and areas of ongoing research into the management of advanced, metastatic and castrate resistant prostate cancer;
  • Describe some of the symptoms of metastatic prostate cancer and explain how these symptoms might be relieved.

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