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Support & survivorship

Side-effects & management

Primary care follow-up of stable prostate cancer, a guide for primary care nurses

Increasingly, with stratified pathways of care for prostate cancer, patients will be transferred from secondary care to primary care. Primary care nurses may provide varying degrees of follow-up for this patient group. This module provides resources to assist with all aspects of the patient’s pathway once care is transferred.

We recommend viewing this module on a desktop computer with access to a printer.

When you have completed this module, you will:

  • Be able to promote the education of patients about their disease management and their role in self-management.
  • Be able to monitor patient progress and enable detection of progression and refer back to the appropriate Consultant Urologist/oncologist.
  • Enable holistic assessment of patient’s needs.
  • Be able to identify late effects of treatment quickly; provide support and signpost or refer to the appropriate service as necessary.
  • Be able to inform patients about and refer them to specialist services that can help with their medical, practical, emotional and rehabilitation needs.
  • Be able to support patients living with and beyond cancer.

We would like to thank Sandra Dyer, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, for authoring this content on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK.

Prostate Cancer UK would also like to thank Dr Martin Shelly, GP Lead for Primary Care Diagnostics; Laura James, Prostate Cancer UK Senior Specialist Nurse and Alison Rooke, Prostate Cancer UK Senior Specialist Nurse for their guidance and expertise when peer reviewing the content of this course.

Date written: October 2016

Date due for revision: October 2018