About Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer UK is the leading UK charity for men (and families) affected by prostate cancer and benign disease.  

We have three main priorities:

  • Supporting men and providing information
  • Finding answers by funding research
  • Leading change to raise awareness and improve standards of care for men.

Prostate Cancer UK is funded almost entirely by companies, trusts, community groups and individuals. We are also the main UK beneficiary of money raised by The Movember Foundation.

Prostate Cancer UK’s education programme is proud to offer a limited number of bursaries to support Organisations providing education activities for health and social care professionals, with the aim of improving the care received by men (and their families) affected by prostate cancer and other prostate problems.

About the education programme

Prostate Cancer UK’s education programme supports health and social care professionals of all disciplines develop their expertise in the management of prostate disease.                                                      

We know that men fare better in terms of support and information when they have access to specialist practitioners; however, many professionals indicate a lack of knowledge about the management of psychosocial issues, sexual issues, continence, long-term effects and end of life care.

So, we invest in the development of educational opportunities for professionals who care for men with prostate disease, including; providing face-to-face teaching, commissioning e-learning programmes, providing funding through our bursary schemes, promoting the voice of patients in clinical education and forming key partnerships with other educational and medical institutions in the field.

  • What is the scope of the organisational bursary scheme?  

    Prostate Cancer UK will consider bursary applications from Organisations, Institutions and Professional Bodies (hereafter referred to as ‘Organisations’) providing UK based, face-to-face education activities on prostate disease for health, allied health, and social care professionals. Activities are defined as training events, study days, conferences, clinical updates or similar.

    This bursary scheme is open to Organisations wishing to provide education on prostate cancer and/or benign disease.

    This bursary scheme is primarily intended to support professionals engaging in educational activity that address the following priority areas. We welcome bursary applications for all types of professional education related to prostate disease, however, we will prioritise applications for activities that meet our priority areas.

    Priority areas:

    •    Prostate cancer diagnosis (e.g. educational activity focused on PSA testing, supporting men at higher risk, and/or new diagnostic tools such as mpMRI)

    •    Prostate cancer treatment (e.g. educational activity focused on new or existing treatments for patients)

    •    Support for prostate cancer patients (e.g. educational activity focused on managing side effects of treatment such as erectile dysfunction, and/or service improvement).

    Bursary applications are reviewed on an individual basis, please contact us in the first instance to discuss your application and to receive an application pack. You can contact us via email hpeducation@prostatecanceruk.org or phone 0203 310 7000. 

  • Can I apply for a bursary to cover an online resource or an e-learning package?  

    This bursary scheme is only available for face-to-face education activity. Prostate Cancer UK does not currently provide bursaries for online resources or e-learning packages. Please email the education team if you would like to discuss possible partnerships for online resources.

  • Can I apply for a bursary retrospectively?  

    Prostate Cancer UK does not consider applications for events made retrospectively. All applications should be for future education activity. It is advisable that applications are submitted at least 3 months before the activity is scheduled to take place. Please contact the education team directly if you are submitting an application for an activity less than 3 months before the activity will take place.

  • Can I submit one application for a number of activities?  

    If the same education activity is to be run multiple times, the Organisation can use one application form, and provide details of the locations and dates of the subsequent repeated activity, as specified on the form.

    If funding is required for more than one education activity, a separate form must be submitted for each activity. If a single application form is used for a number of different activities, the application will not be considered.

  • How do I apply for an organisational bursary?  

    Bursary applications are reviewed on an individual basis, please contact us in the first instance to discuss your application and to receive an application pack. You can contact us via email or phone (0203 310 7000). 

  • How long does the review process take?  

    Once an application has been submitted, it can take four to six weeks to receive a recommendation from the assessment panel. Additional time may be required if the panel have any specific queries or require further information relating to an application.

  • How do we receive the bursary?  

    If the Organisation is successful, Prostate Cancer UK will pay the agreed bursary directly, and in full, to the Organisation hosting the education activity, within thirty days of receipt of an invoice from the Organisation. Please note the charity will not pay invoices in any currency other than UK pounds.

  • Where can I find the terms and conditions for this bursary scheme?  

    You can find the terms and conditions for this bursary scheme on our website. Please note Prostate Cancer UK reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time, both before and after an Organisation receive the bursary. It is the responsibility of the Organisation to periodically review the terms and conditions and make note of any changes.

  • What are the three key questions provided by Prostate Cancer UK, that need to be included in the evaluation for the activity?  

    All education activity, funded or part funded by Prostate Cancer UK, must be evaluated. The evaluation must include three key questions provided by Prostate Cancer UK.

    The three key questions to be included in the evaluation are:

    1. What will you take back to practice as a result of attending this education activity? (Open ended question)
    2. Did this education activity give you a greater understanding of the needs of your patients? (Closed question, Yes/No response)
    3. Would you recommend this education activity to your colleagues? (Closed question, Yes/No response)
  • Does Prostate Cancer UK need to see the evaluation feedback?  

    All evaluation forms and analysis documents must be kept by the Organisation for up to 1 year after the activity, copies of which may be requested by Prostate Cancer UK.

    A summary of the evaluation feedback must be submitted to Prostate Cancer UK via email within 2 months of the activity ending. The evaluation summary must include feedback on the three key questions provided by Prostate Cancer UK, as well as information on attendance, the effectiveness of the event management, the effectiveness of the programme and delegates’ satisfaction with the individual sessions/presentations, as a minimum.

  • Will Prostate Cancer UK advertise activities that are accepted under the organisational bursary scheme?  

    Details of all activity that have been granted educational bursaries by the charity will be listed on the Prostate Cancer UK website, unless the Organisation would prefer otherwise. The lead contact should declare the Organisation’s preference on their application form.

  • If we are granted a bursary, how should we use the Prostate Cancer UK logo?  

    If you receive an organisational bursary, the Prostate Cancer UK Bursary logo must be displayed prominently on all promotional material (print and web) and delegate materials produced, distributed for, or displayed at, your activity.

    The bursary logo must be used in line with the logo guidance and use of the logo must be approved by our Design team. Please send your layouts to design@prostatecanceruk.org for approval before use.

  • Who should I contact if I have further questions that are not addressed in this document?  

    The terms and conditions document provides additional information about the bursary process. You can find the terms and conditions document here.

    If you have any questions that are not covered in this document or the terms and conditions please do contact the education team at Prostate Cancer UK: hpeducation@prostatecanceruk.org.