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We are proud to launch our new online, interactive learning resource for health professionals. 

These online modules use simulated 'virtual patient scenarios' to introduce and explore key issues around prostate cancer, such as end-of-life care. These patient scenarios are primarily aimed at registered nurses and healthcare assistants, and are particularly suitable for those new to working with patients affected by prostate cancer.

By following Brian's patient scenario you will:

  • Gain understanding into the importance of interdisciplinary communication and documentation when caring for men nearing the end of their life
  • Review current guidelines for pain management in patients who are nearing the end of their life
  • Improve knowledge surrounding cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Consider the challenges of prioritising care for men who are nearing the end of their life. 

How do I access this module?

  1. To access the module simply click on the green button at the bottom of this page
  2. You will then need to register (create an account) to the 'UChoose Interactive Case Based Learning' website using a valid email address and password.
  3. Once you are registered and logged in, click on the link to the right of the screen labelled “Have a Code? Enter it here”.
  4. Enter the following code when prompted: PCUK

The patient scenario will now be available! (If you can't see the module click on the tab “Play Cases”.)

Cost: This module is provided free of charge.

If you have difficulty accessing the module please email and we will be happy to assist you.