Clinical Nurse Specialist event, Post Birmingham 2020


Thank you very much for attending our event in Birmingham on 31 January 2020.

Please find below a list of the sessions and corresponding presentations, as well as other useful links.

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Updates: Research & advances in treatment presentations

Breakout sessions 1 

Psychological wellbeing and mental health

Breakout sessions 2

Sharing best practice



Still have questions about the PSA test? Our webinar can help, click here to watch the PSA Consensus Statements webinar.

In this webinar Dr Jon Rees (GP with a specialist interest in urology) and Dr Ali Cooper (Knowledge Manager, Prostate Cancer UK) discuss the updated Prostate Cancer Risk Management Programme (PCRMP) guidance for primary care, as well as provide an overview on why and how Prostate Cancer UK’s PSA consensus statements were developed, how they link to the PCRMP guidance and how they aim to improve the way the PSA test is used in primary care.

For you

Online learning platform

Featured below are four courses on Prostate Cancer UK's online learning platform.

This course covers how prostate cancer affects sex, relationships and communication. It includes information on how to manage erectile dysfunction in primary care.

Course link:

This module is designed for primary care professionals and looks at the risk factors for prostate cancer and communicating with men who are at higher than average risk.

Course link:

This module is a basic introduction to prostate cancer: what it is, how it is diagnosed and treated. It is suitable for professionals new to their role, as well as student nurses and healthcare assistants.

Course link:

This module is a guide for primary care nurses to provide follow up of stable prostate cancer patients once transferred from secondary care to primary care.

Course link: