Tracey Pritchard

Tracey joined us in March 2017 as Director of Engagement to help us ensure every father, dad, brother and son is aware of prostate cancer and has the best possible experience of Prostate Cancer UK. With a fascination in people’s interests and motivations, Tracey has steered other charities in increasing people’s understanding of cause and brand and how to grow support, notably Friends of the Earth, RNIB and Sense. With more men’s help, Prostate Cancer UK has a tantalizing opportunity to tame prostate cancer within the next 10 years and Tracey will help drive us towards growing the number of men and their families that help us achieve that goal. She has a natural ability in relationship development and is experienced in fundraising, brand and communications and leading effective strategies at an organisational level.

Tracey has two children who are now young adults. As a keen cyclist, walker and expedition leader, Tracey will be combining her own passion for the outdoors with her professional ambition by joining supporters of Prostate Cancer UK within the rich mix of sporting events that take place each year – and she hopes you might meet her there.