Gareth Ellis-Thomas

Gareth has been with us since 2009 when he joined one of the charities that would, through a series of mergers, later become Prostate Cancer UK. He has had a few different roles in that time including Head of Communications and Head of Digital where he was responsible for launching websites and digital marketing campaigns that engaged millions of people to bring them information about prostate cancer, inspire them to raise money or join the fight against prostate cancer.

His current role is to help find ways we can make the most of technology to stop lives being limited by prostate cancer and how we can be an organisation fit for the digital age – from developing our services and fundraising products; to connecting our data so we understand more about our supporters; to using new tools and processes to improve our efficiency. He is a passionate believer in the power of technology for good and that it’s something we should all benefit from.

Gareth follows his boyhood local football team Wrexham AFC and watches his current local team Leyton Orient when he can. He hopes to one day see them both where they belong, competing somewhere just above the relegation zone of League One.