Angela joined Prostate Cancer UK in January 2014, just two months after her father-in-law died of prostate cancer. This personal experience inspired her to make the move to the charity sector and to Prostate Cancer UK. It also adds grit to Angela’s absolute determination to make a real difference for people facing the disease by leading the drive for a future where lives are not limited by prostate cancer.  

A Chartered Accountant by background, Angela first progressed through various financial leadership positions in PLCs and private businesses, including Manufacturing, Consumer Goods and Health and Social Care, in a 25-year career in the commercial sector. This breadth of experience has been especially valuable in developing and implementing Prostate Cancer UK’s strategy since Angela took on the Chief Executive role in 2016 and in overcoming many of the complex challenges, not least the impact of the pandemic in 2020.

We all have a part to play, and together we are a formidable force for the fight against prostate cancer.

Angela says: “My job is incredibly rewarding and knowing that what I do each day helps to stop prostate cancer being a killer makes all the hard work worthwhile. I am very lucky to be doing a job I love. There are difficult days, especially when another friend is lost to this disease, but I aim to turn that sadness into renewed energy for our mission, as I know that’s what they would want.”

“It’s a privilege to work with so many generous and talented people and I am humbled by their expertise and commitment." 

Also close to Angela’s heart are her two grown up children, husband, espresso machine, bicycle, vegetable patch, collection of vinyl and CDs and three wine racks. Outside work, she spends time relaxing with family and friends and she tries to talk about things other than prostate cancer sometimes. Angela loves to travel and use the languages she studied to stop them getting too rusty.

Follow Angela on Twitter at @CEOProstateUK.