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Swapping Belfast for Seattle: why a spot of travel could lead to a new treatment for advanced disease

30 Oct 2017

In this guest blog Dr Chris Armstrong – Marcher, Mo grower and ambitious researcher – explains what he hopes to achieve with the Travelling Prize Fellowship we’ve just awarded him and how this critical leg up the academic research ladder will benefit men with prostate cancer.

Urgent review called for in Northern Ireland after years of ‘unacceptable’ long-distance surgeries revealed

17 Aug 2017

Prostate Cancer UK is urging health authorities to improve access to prostatectomy treatment for men in Northern Ireland, after reports of delays and inadequate support for patients being flown to England for surgery.

Landmark UK survey of men with prostate cancer reaches Northern Ireland

19 Jul 2016

The first of our 'Life after prostate cancer diagnosis' surveys will drop on the doormats of men with prostate cancer in Northern Ireland today, as the groundbreaking study extends beyond England, with Wales and Scotland due in the next few months.

We take up the fight for men with prostate cancer in Northern Ireland

2 Oct 2014

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in Northern Ireland. But there are not enough services to support these men and too many are having to deal with life-changing side effects of treatment alone. So we're launching our Quality Checklist and support services to bridge the gap. Men of Northern Ireland, meet Prostate Cancer UK.

Prostate Cancer UK welcomes ruling on abiraterone in Northern Ireland

1 Aug 2012

Prostate Cancer UK (formerly The Prostate Cancer Charity) has welcomed news that The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety has recommend abiraterone – the breakthrough treatment for men with incurable prostate cancer – for use on the NHS in Northern Ireland.