27 Feb 2013
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If you haven’t read any of Dan Zenka’s blog – My New York Minute – then you’ve missed out, but I really can’t let you miss his latest post on an enlightening, thought-provoking and above all moving documentary called Men’s Retreat. Filmed over a period of three days in Washington DC, Men’s Retreat brings together 12 men diagnosed with prostate cancer who discuss their journey through this horrible disease.
There may be a vast ocean and over 3,000 miles between us and these 12 brave men in the USA, but when you listen to their stories and their experiences of living with prostate cancer, much of what they describe will resonate with many men in the UK. Dan, who himself takes part in the film, is Senior Vice President of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, one of Movember's partners in the USA.
One of our Trustees, Professor Roger Kirby recently talked to the magazine Intelligent Life about his journey through prostate cancer too. As a world renowned urologist, Roger is more used to holding the scalpel than being underneath it, but as with the men in Washington, his experience will no doubt ring true for many. Men like Roger and Dan, who are willing to share their experience of prostate cancer, help break down barriers.
Roger Kirby, picture courtesy of Nick Ballon
Working with the Movember Foundation has helped us all break down global barriers, bringing organisations such as ours together to share experiences and co-ordinate our learning and response. Together we are stronger, and when you’re going up against something as deadly as prostate cancer, you need all the help and support you can get. I look forward to learning more from our partners across the globe and sharing what we’ve learned with them too.
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