23 Dec 2013

Movember I can’t quite believe that we have just finished another Movember. I've been lucky enough to have experienced several of these but I’ve yet to get tired of working on something that is so pivotal in raising both the amazing funds and awareness of prostate cancer throughout the UK. The month always starts with me revealing my face to my colleagues as for the other 11 months of the year I sport a hefty beard. This always causes a mixed reception, as you'll see from photo above.

For the whole of the fundraising team the month of Movember offers an exciting and challenging time, as a department it is essential to support not only the Movember office but any of our dedicated supporters who want to take part. Movember is an incredible phenomenon and one that is unique in the world of fundraising as it unites so many men. This year in the UK we had over 255,000 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas get involved, raising to date over £15million. Perhaps its popularity lies in the fact that all men can at least attempt to grow a moustache, though admittedly some are better than others (plain to see in our office, though I won’t mention any names). However one of the most common questions we get asked during the month is from those who are unable to grow a moustache and that tends to come from our female supporters. At Prostate Cancer UK everyone is expected to get involved in Movember. If you are a man it is probably one of the first things you are told when joining. It’s like an unofficial clause in our contract. However this doesn’t mean that our female staff get let off. “The Mostesses” as charity’s Mo Sistas are, have over the years perfected a brilliant calendar of fundraising activities. The two highlights of the month are undoubtedly their bake sale, which this year kept our office and those on the floors above and below well fed for three whole days, and their infamous pub quiz, which has now become an essential “not to be missed” event in our calendar allowing our employees to compete intellectually with one another across a wide range of subjects. This year the competition was strong and the team that came out victorious are now strutting around the office like a bunch of proud peacocks knowing their title is safe for a whole year. As someone who works in the community fundraising team, it is great to see both the bake sale and pub quiz be so popular. They are social, enjoyable and to a degree, fairly easy to organise. If you can follow a recipe or get a group of friends together in your local pub then you are almost there. Movember, like many other campaigns does not need to be exclusive, there is always the opportunity for anyone to get involved in supporting the cause and in the fundraising team we are always here to help with your ideas, offering support and advice. You never know, your own fundraising idea could be the next Movember so please get in touch.

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