22 Jan 2013
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Famous nut crackers in the Nutcracker Suite (l to r): Kazia Pelka, Tommy Walsh, Neil Fox, Seamus O'Farrell (Prostate Cancer UK Director of Communications), Diane Louise Jordan, Me, Rebecca Front.
You’ve no doubt seen our Sledgehammer Fund adverts on TV and in the newspapers over the last couple of weeks, but if you haven’t already witnessed our Nutcracker Suite you’re missing out on a cracker.
For two weeks from the 21 January we have taken over a shop front in central London and are hoping to smash 10,000 walnuts – one for every £5 donation we receive by text or online. Linked up live to our website via a webcam, a host of celebrities (including Neil Fox, Diane Louise Jordan, Rebecca Front, Kazia Pelka and Tommy Walsh), campaigners, corporate supporters and members of the public will all be wielding a sledgehammer to help raise awareness of prostate cancer and the vital funds needed to help crack it.
The Nutcracker Suite is an entertaining and innovative way of connecting people to their donations and yet again I am reminded how fortunate we are to have such generous and hardworking partners and supporters. A big thank you to Marks and Spencer for giving us 10,000 walnuts for free, and Keyline Builders Merchants who provided the all-important sledgehammers. Huge thanks also to Healthy Planet, who helped us located a room in central London and donated the space for free. Royal Mail, another of our corporate partners, is taking over the Nutcracker Suite for the entire day on Wednesday 30 January and will hopefully be dispatching hundreds of walnuts to their final destination.
Although the Nutcracker Suite is a fun event there is an important message behind it. 10,000 men a year die from prostate cancer and the odds of developing the disease are now 1 in 8. If we can smash 10,000 walnuts and raise £50,000 we can fund even more research into beating this deadly disease. You can donate now by texting CRACK to 70004 or visiting prostatecanceruk.org
I’m looking forward to taking my turn in the Nutcracker Suite and taking a sledgehammer to prostate cancer, you can follow my progress via twitter.
Me helping to crack prostate cancer, one nut at a time.
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