On Valentine’s Day our supporters share stories of loss, remembrance and hope facing prostate cancer together.

Today we're sharing the love with touching stories of support and emotional moments from some of our supporters.

Joyce and Derrick

“Despite Derrick’s diagnosis, we were determined to live life to the full and set on a mission to create as many memories as we could. We learned how to ballroom dance and even got to fulfil Derrick’s dream to dance at the famous Blackpool Tower.”

Married for 47 years, Derrick and Joyce tried to face Derrick’s prostate cancer with a positive attitude as they came to terms with his diagnosis. Over 17 years Derrick underwent various procedures and treatments to live as long as he could with his childhood sweetheart.

Ben and Catherine

"Unfortunately, I never got the chance to meet Catherine's dad. He passed away just a few months before I met Catherine. I really would have loved the opportunity to get to know him and thank him for raising such a wonderful daughter. I did visit his burial plot to ask his permission before the proposal and I like to think I make Catherine happy enough for him to have approved."

After this incredibly touching gesture, Ben got down on one knee and proposed to Catherine after they’d just finished the Cardiff Half Marathon in memory of Catherine’s dad. She said yes, and the couple are now planning to donate their day.

Ben and Catherine's story originally appeared in Wales Online.


Janet and Mike

Ten years ago today, Janet’s husband Mike courageously walked her to the hotel restaurant at the end of their road for a romantic Valentine’s Day meal.

Having had spinal surgery and treatment for advanced prostate cancer, 63-year-old Mike had extra physio sessions and trained hard so he could forgo his wheelchair and walk the short distance for their last special meal together.

“It might not seem like much, but it’s these precious moments we shared together that will stay with me forever. I do remember Valentine’s Day fondly now, but in the early years it was a very painful time.”

Graham and Sally

Not long after Sally was given the all clear from skin cancer, Graham was diagnosed with prostate cancer. On the day of his diagnosis they went to a Simply Red concert with a lot of tears when their favourite song was played. Thankfully Graham had a radical prostatectomy in February 2016 and has made a full recovery.

“The cancer strangely has made us stronger. Although we were close before, we now understand life and love and want nothing more than to be happy. Our bond is the most important thing to me.”

Peter Sheward 

“I feel so privileged to be a part of Prostate Cancer UK’s brand campaign on behalf of dad and my brother-in-law. Sadly, my dad died during the adoption process of my son and never got to meet him, so I want to do all I can to honour my dad’s memory and raise much needed awareness about men’s health. I am also delighted that the advert highlights diversity and that my husband and I were chosen to represent men from the LGBT community.”

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