This Father's Day, there will be thousands of families dealing with prostate cancer – and many more remembering dads who have died from the disease. Four of our supporters share their experiences and what makes their dad so special.

11 Jun 2018

William Kilgannon: "Every moment spent with us was priceless"

William and his father, Brian

Dad loved watching Only Fools & Horses. My nickname for him was 'Dave', because Mum and I thought he looked like Rodney, who was called Dave by Trigger. That's why I called dad Dave – his love for the programme and my love for him. He took his nickname well and that humour helped us through the bad days.

It was not nice seeing dad paralysed, but what I can say is that even though dad couldn’t walk, even being in the bed, he was still there. He was still my dad. We would still have a laugh and a joke together and he would always ask me about what was going on at school and talk about things to me. Although some may have questioned his quality of life, every moment spent with us made it priceless.

Read William's brilliant blog about his experience of his dad's prostate cancer, which concludes on Father's Day.

Debra Telford: "My dad cried the whole way through the day"

Debra Telford's dad before her wedding

I think I can say in truth and without bias, our wedding was incredibly emotional, for everyone. My dad cried from the morning, the whole way through the day, and for a further few days afterwards.

My dad was the first person to come into my old bedroom that morning. He lay beside me, we had a giggle that I had been awake from 4am with excitement, we didn’t say much more, we didn’t need to.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. This photograph isn’t just emotion running high because of a wedding. This photograph captures the fear, anxiety, stress, worry, and relief from a battle with prostate cancer, and making it through the other side to walk your daughter up the aisle. Read more

Marlene Graham: "My dad was always the joker"

Marlene and her dad

On the Friday of the May bank holiday weekend, I was packing to visit a friend when I got 'The Call' from my Mum. The hospital had advised that my dad didn’t have long left.

I somehow managed to drive from Berwick-upon-Tweed to Wishaw General Hospital, with a friend there for support. I remember abandoning the car outside the main entrance, leaving the driver’s door wide open and racing up to my Dad’s hospital room.

As I burst through the door, red faced and out of breath, he turned to me and whispered: "What’s the rush, I’m no dead yet".

Always the joker, he loved to make everyone laugh. Read more

Stephen Clemence: "Dad is one of the most positive people"

Stephen and Ray Clemence

We’ve always had a great relationship. A lot of people see him as this England, Liverpool and Tottenham legend, but to me he’s just my dad. I went on to have a career nowhere near as good as him, but he’s been very helpful to me throughout it. I’d always phone him before a game. We also play a lot of golf together.

Dad is one of the most positive people I’ve ever known, but there are times I can see he’s not quite right. He wouldn’t show that to the general public, but my mum, my wife and my sisters – we see that and it’s our job to try and pick him up. He’s still got a lot to look forward to in his life, and that’s what we try to tell him.

Read our full interview with Stephen and Ray Clemence in the next issue of Insights magazine, out in August.

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