The environmental journalist and activist is the latest high-profile man to open up about having prostate cancer, after writing a searingly honest column giving his three top tips for keeping upbeat in the face of the disease.

15 Mar 2018

Following a week of celebrity announcements about their prostate cancer, Guardian columnist George Monbiot has now joined them, writing an honest and inspiringly positive column about his recent diagnosis.

In the article entitled, I have prostate cancer. But I am happy, he says a urinary infection in December prompted his doctor to do a PSA test, which revealed levels that were "off the scale". After a biopsy confirmed he had localised prostate cancer, he is now expecting to undergo surgery on Monday.

But George is staying resolutely upbeat about life after diagnosis, saying he is applying "three principles which, I believe, sit at the heart of a good life". The first and most important, he says, is "imagine how much worse it could be, rather than how much better", the second is "change what you can change, accept what you can’t", and the third: "do not let fear rule your life".

His announcement on Tuesday prompted an outpouring of supportive comments on his Twitter feed from people, including comedian and writer Mark Steel and MP Caroline Lucas.

The piece also prompted a flood of visitors to our website. We are hugely grateful to George for speaking so openly about it, for signposting people to our information and support services and urging them to donate to help propel us towards our goal of developing a test reliable enough to be used in a national screening programme.

He signed off his column saying he’ll be away for a few of weeks while he recovers from his surgery and promising that he will be back and will “not be prostrated by his prostate”. Amen to that.

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