VIDEO FEATURE: Emma Young's astonishing gift for music has helped lift her patients and their families at Colchester's St Helena Hospice – including Chris Stokes and his late dad, who had advanced prostate cancer. We went to film her singing and hear from some of the people whose lives she touches every day.

25 Jan 2018

Chris Stokes (pictured above left), a member of our online community, was devastated when his dad Geoff died of prostate cancer last year.

In this moving video, he thanks the talented hospice nurse, Emma Young, who gave the family a precious moment they will never forget when she sat down at the piano.

Chris nominated Emma for our new Standing Ovation award, with which we proudly salute people who go above and beyond for Prostate Cancer UK and the men we’re here for.

If you know someone who deserves a Standing Ovation, please email us with your nominations and reasons why.

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