With Volunteers’ Week beginning in the UK today and Jeff Stelling embarking on his March for Men tomorrow, our chief executive Angela Culhane hails our very own volunteers and supporters, explaining how they're helping Prostate Cancer UK to make great strides – quite literally, in the case of Jeff – in our fight against the most common cancer in men.

Men united Matchdays 2015-16 South Reading
1 Jun 2017

For Prostate Cancer UK, the start of Volunteers’ Week this year couldn’t be more timely. Because the efforts of all of our incredible volunteers – who generously give up their time and expertise to contribute to and shape the work we’re doing to support men with prostate cancer – will once again be called upon as we embark on another epic adventure with one of our most dedicated supporters, Jeff Stelling.

Tomorrow, Jeff will take his first steps of a journey that will see him walk 15 marathons in 15 days to raise funds and awareness in our battle to stop prostate cancer being a killer.

Whether you’ve been able to give a lot of your time, or just a little, each and every one of you is part of our amazing team

Jeff will be joined at every stage by some of our wonderful volunteers. Many have had their lives touched by prostate cancer in one way or another and are resolute in their determination to use their skills, experience and knowledge to make prostate cancer a disease that men need not fear.

Some will be walking with Jeff, while others will be supporting us in a multitude of ways along the route. Regardless of their individual role, each and every one is helping us take great strides towards funding more life-saving research.

Giving an Awareness Talk 

And they’re not alone. Over the last 365 days, our supporters have made a huge difference in taking us towards our ultimate aim of taming prostate cancer. From delivering awareness talks, joining our Men United Match Day collections and supporting us in our offices, to cheering on our runners at sporting events, handing out our leaflets and signing one of our online petitions – to all of you, I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you from everyone at Prostate Cancer UK.

Whether you’ve been able to give a lot of your time, or just a little, each and every one of you is part of the amazing team that’s fighting for men across the UK.

Prostate Cancer UK run supporter

We asked you recently what you enjoy most about your time volunteering with Prostate Cancer UK, and this is what you told us:

“The way you are made to feel, you know that you're making a difference to someone’s life.”

“I can give something back to the organisation that has helped me so much.”

“It’s an opportunity to use a variety of skills I have, team-leading bucket collections, document reviewing and public speaking.”

“I really feel I make a difference, however small, and have really enjoyed working for you.”

“The team are always very welcoming and supportive, and appreciate the time that I give.”

“The sense of community and bringing the charity to people out on the streets. It’s great to know the odd z-card and pin-badge can make a big difference.”

“It is fun above all else. My experiences of volunteering have all been led by enthusiastic and energetic people. Perhaps most importantly of all, the staff at the event constantly thank you for being involved and check you're OK, which really does make you feel valued and appreciated.”

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