The former England cricketer is joining Jeff Stelling for the fifth day of his 400-mile March for Men, which starts at the ground of Cork's beloved Stoke City FC. We filmed him talking to the club manager, Mark Hughes, about his connection to Prostate Cancer UK and find out just how few of his players know the size of their prostate.

2 Jun 2017

What can three balls of varying sizes tell you about the most common cancer in men?

Well, even if you know where the prostate is (and surprisingly few people do), how big do you think it is? The answer is either the size of a golf ball, tennis ball or football – but which is it?

We sent former England cricketer Dominic Cork  with an armful of balls  to Stoke City FC's training ground, ahead of his fifth-day appearance there on Jeff Stelling's March for Men, to see whether Mark Hughes or any of his players could pick right...

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Later, Dominic sat down with Mark Hughes to talk to him about what our 'Man of Men' pin-badge, which he wears at every match, means to him and the pride he's taken wearing the badge of whatever team he's played for during his glittering career  whether club or country.

Find out where Jeff Stelling is now on his March for Men with our live tracker.

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