We have 180 brave men and women ready to run this year's London Marathon for us at the weekend, including former rugby league international Kevin Sinfield. We find out some of the very personal reasons why they've decided to fundraise to fight the most common cancer in men.

20 Apr 2017

Kevin Sinfield

Kevin Sinfield – running for Sky Sports rugby league reporter, Bill Arthur
"When Bill told me [he had prostate cancer], I was in deep shock. You go through so many different things in your life and something like that puts everything into perspective. What struck me, though, was how positive Bill was about it. His positivity was brilliant. The support he had was fantastic: not only from hospitals and doctors, but a whole range of different people – his family especially. I’m delighted to be running for Prostate Cancer UK and hoping to raise lots of money for a brilliant charity."

Emily Drakes – running in memory of her dad
"I decided to run for Prostate Cancer UK after discussing it with my dad before he passed away last year. It was too late by the time he was diagnosed to offer any cure, which was so hard to accept for all of us. Since he was diagnosed, he encouraged everyone to get tested and two of his friends were able to catch it in time for a cure. If more men were aware of the risks and checks, more lives would be saved. It has been an awful time but I could not think of a greater way to honour my father’s memory than by running the London Marathon on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK."

Andy Budgell – running for his stepfather
"I have witnessed first-hand the amazing treatment that my stepfather has received so that he can continue to lead a relatively normal life with his family. Without the help from Prostate Cancer UK’s research, this would not have been possible, so I feel we owe something to them."


Laurie Parker – running in memory of her husband
"My husband Steve was taken from us far too early [aged 46]. I want to raise awareness of this disease in the younger generation of men, and help support those families who find themselves in the same tragic situation as we did four years ago. The fundraising efforts keep Steve alive in our hearts and minds. My children love to help raise money in memory of their dad, and my aim is to raise £7,000 for Prostate Cancer UK!"

Sarah Burden – running for her dad
"I decided to run for Prostate Cancer UK for my wonderful dad, Michael Armitage, who has been such an inspiration to me and my family. Ten years ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. But he refused to let it get him down and is an incredibly positive person. I thought this could be a brilliant way of doing something for him as he has done so much for me. I can’t wait to see my dad waiting for me at the finishing line!"

Sarah Brady – running for her brother
"I lost my dad to prostate cancer when I was 21. Now to have my brother diagnosed with it as well, made me want to fight this awful disease in men."

Christian Poulton running

Christian Poulton – running in memory of his sister’s partner
"My sister and her children have been sadly left without their dad due to this horrible disease, so I wanted to do something in his memory. I want to help raise funds for further research, treatment and ultimately prevention to help stop men dying from prostate cancer."

Bonny Green– running in memory of her brother
"My brother, Tony, was diagnosed very late with the disease. If his symptoms had been recognised sooner, his chances of survival would have been so much greater. I’m determined that in the not too distant future, there will be far fewer lost brothers, fathers, husbands and sons."

David Hall – running in memory of his dad
"I decided to run for Prostate Cancer UK because of the incredible work they do: pioneering new treatments, funding treatments for patients and offering huge support to the men and their families who face it. I originally envisioned the marathon as something to look forward to with my dad – a distraction from the brutal chemo and a positive bookend to a tough journey. However, dad died just a couple of months later after an incredibly rare reaction [to his treatment]."

Simon pictured with his son

Simon Scott – running in memory of his friend
"Although it took a lot of persuading from my son to sign up for my fourth marathon, I am glad to be doing so. It’s a cause that is close to my heart and I want to raise as much money and awareness as possible in [my friend] Joe’s name. In 2004, he told me that he had prostate cancer and, after a brave fight, he sadly passed away in September 2005. Over the past 12 years, I’ve seen a lot of research progress, but there is still a huge amount more to do, which is why I continue to support Prostate Cancer UK and would strongly encourage everyone to do the same."

Simon Alexander – running in memory of his grandad
"I feel that it’s the least I can do to represent those who fight prostate cancer every day. Raising awareness and funds for the charity to support the cause is a small way for me to do my bit in honour of my grandad, Donald Bell."

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