From the environment and your health to your wallet and relationships, here are five excellent reasons to get out on your feet during May for National Walking Month.

2 May 2017

1. Walking is like a ‘wonder drug’ for your health

Health experts have hailed just 30 minutes of walking a day as like a ‘wonder drug’ for its positive effects on physical and mental wellbeing. While numerous studies have also shown the benefits of physical activity after cancer and cancer treatment, reducing the risk of prostate cancer-specific mortality by approximately 30 per cent and slowing disease progression by up to 57 per cent. Scientists think it's because exercise may help regulate the way cancer cells grow and repair DNA, but we still need a much clearer understanding of how and why these benefits occur.

2. Travelling on foot is good for the environment

The lethal dangers of the UK’s current air pollution is front-page news at the moment. So by ditching the car – which produces more than 10kg of carbon dioxide for every gallon of diesel used – you’ll be helping make our green and pleasant land that little bit pleasanter. Use Walkit to find out home much carbon dioxide you’ll save by walking your commute and calculate how many calories you’ll burn too.

3. Your wallet will thank you

Having abandoned motorised vehicles, imagine the money you’ll save on fuel, public transport costs or that Uber fare from that late night out that you probably shouldn’t have gone on in the first place. Even if you just walk part of your daily journey to work, you’re bound to save yourself enough pennies – and work off enough calories – to warrant that celebratory pint at the end of the week guilt-free!

4. It’s a great excuse to ramp up your March for Men training

Whether you’ve signed up to join Jeff Stelling on his epic 400-mile challenge in a month’s time or are committed to doing your own March for Men, National Walking Month is a great excuse to start getting those miles in before the big day. You’ll also have a better chance of roping in some company as you go, which brings us on to our final reason…

5. Walking helps bring people together

Be they friends, family or colleagues, a walk is the perfect way to catch up with those you care about most, providing the time and space you need to talk freely and strengthen your relationship. Perhaps that’s why more than 1,000 people have already signed up to walk with us on our March for Men events in June in support of someone they know affected by prostate cancer. Why not sign up now and join like-minded people in your area to help stop prostate cancer being a killer?

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