Dubbed the 'ginger Mourinho' by Clarets supporters, Premier League manager Sean Dyche tells us why he's backing Jeff Stelling to go further than he's ever walked when his March for Men visits Turf Moor on Monday 12 June, and how the club has helped make getting checked for prostate cancer a point of pride for its fans.

Sean Dyche, Burnley Football Club manager
6 Apr 2017

Prostate cancer won't be unfamiliar to Burnley FC, following its former chairman Barry Kilby's diagnosis and his subsequent efforts to make sure more of the club's fans visit the doctor.

So we weren't surprised to find the team's manager, Sean Dyche, clued up on a disease that affects 330,000 men in the UK – enough men to fill Turf Moor 14 times.

"There seems to be, at times, that old-school mentality of 'oh no, I’ll be fine'," says Sean of many men's attitudes. "And I think Barry, among others, has been promoting learning more about the facts."

In fact, Sean thinks there's almost a pride in going to get checked among Clarets fans now thanks to Barry's efforts. So he's delighted Turf Moor will be playing host to Jeff Stelling on day 11 of his March for Men to help raise even more awareness of the disease – both locally and nationally.

"I think what he’s done has been remarkable and all credit to him not just for the fundraising, but for the awareness," says Sean, who dons our famous 'Man of Men' pin-badge on the touchline to show his support for the cause. 

"I remember Jeff's March last year and it's amazing to think he will be doing it again and adding some more to it."

The Soccer Saturday presenter will walk 15 marathons in 15 days in June – five more than last year – and Sean is hoping to join Jeff on Monday 12 June, when he sets off from Turf Moor on the way to the Kirklees stadium in Huddersfield.

By then, Jeff should be over 260 miles into his 400-mile challenge from St James football ground in Exeter to St James' Park in Newcastle, smashing  the total distance he walked last year.

Barring a disastrous end to the season, Sean Dyche should keep 12th-placed Burnley safely up in their first season back in the Premier League – an achievement that would fully vindicate fans' annointing of him as the 'ginger Mourihno'. So can he give Jeff and his fellow marchers the drop instead on what to expect when they visit?

"It will be alright in Burnley," says Sean. "It is a bit up and down round here as it’s a bit of a hilly area, but I’m sure he will be alright."

If you want to join Jeff Stelling on his March for Men and help stop prostate cancer being a killer, choose your day and sign up now

Join Jeff Stelling on his March for Men

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