The first of our 'Life after prostate cancer diagnosis' surveys will drop on the doormats of men with prostate cancer in Northern Ireland today, as the groundbreaking study extends beyond England, with Wales and Scotland due in the next few months.

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19 Jul 2016

The Movember Foundation's 'Life after prostate cancer diagnosis' survey is a first-of-its-kind initiative to find out the true impact of the disease on everyday life.

Today, men in Northern Ireland will get the chance to have their say about a cancer that affects more than 1,000 men and their families every year in Northern Ireland.

What we learn from this research will help us persuade health providers to invest in services that men need, and help us understand what puts men at risk of having a bad experience during and after treatment. This will in turn help us better help and support them in future.

When this project finishes, we’ll know far more about what life is like for men with prostate cancer in different parts of each country

We expect that when this project finishes, we’ll know far more about what life is like for men with prostate cancer  not only across the UK, or even in each nation, but also in different parts of each country. We’ll be able to understand what men say has most affected their lives after a prostate cancer diagnosis and what needs to happen to improve any unwanted effects.

The first surveys went out in England last year, and volunteers Will Trubridge, Ian Adamson and Courtenay King all shared their prostate cancer experiences and told us why they thought it was important to complete the survey. (You can read their stories by clicking on the hyperlinks in each of their names.)

Surveys will land in Wales and Scotland within the next few weeks.

Please note: men have been selected to take part in this survey based on their date of diagnosis. You will only be able to take part if you receive a survey through the post – you can’t request to take part, unfortunately. We're sorry to disappoint anyone!

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