Rock legend Kenney Jones drummed his way through the ’60s,’70s and ’80s in iconic bands The Small Faces, The Faces and The Who. Now himself in his 60s, Kenney has been living with prostate cancer since 2013.

But having prostate cancer hasn’t slowed Kenney down. He's busy organising his third annual fundraising extravaganza, Rock 'n' Horsepower – a fantastic family day of live music, classic cars and polo, coming up this Father’s Day weekend at Hurtwood Park Polo Club in Surrey.

Tarquin and Kenney Jones
10 Jun 2016

Getting people to talk about the disease is something he is passionate about.

"Most men are like me and will live in denial. There were probably 15 years when I had all the symptoms of a prostate problem: weak flow and getting up to go in the night. But I just put it all to one side, like lots of men do.

"The best thing I ever did was talking it all through with my family and being completely honest about it, with them and everyone else. I think all men need to talk about this. It’s going to affect a lot of them and we need to get rid of the taboos. I talked to everybody, but I did notice that other people find it hard to talk about. When I first got my diagnosis and was out and about, I’d say I had prostate cancer and people would sometimes try to change the subject. And younger men need to be aware, too. They need to know what the risks are. I have four sons and it’s important that they understand they have an extra risk now that their dad has prostate cancer."

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Kenney is rightly proud of the success of Rock 'n' Horsepower, which has been instrumental in raising awareness of prostate cancer and in helping the men affected by it.

"I’ve had terrific support from friends in the music industry, everyone’s rallied round. That’s been great. I think you do have to be positive with any cancer."

Being a father is really important to Kenney, and he and his children think there's no better way to celebrate Father’s Day than supporting Prostate Cancer UK and helping to tame the disease that almost took their father away.

Celebrate this Father’s Day weekend with Kenney and join us at this years Rock ‘n’ Horsepower on 18 June 2016.

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