Ahead of tonight's first screening of 'Stelling’s March to the Arch' (Sky Sports 1, 10:30pm), we spoke to the documentary's maker, Johnny Phillips, about why he wanted to film the 262-mile Men United March and the unforgettable impact the challenge had on Jeff.

Jeff's March 2016 Day 7 Coventry to Leicester
11 May 2016

"When Jeff told me he was walking 10 marathons in 10 days to raise awareness of prostate cancer, I thought there was a story to be told," says Johnny Phillips, a Soccer Saturday reporter and creator of 'Stelling's March to the Arch', whose cameras followed Jeff Stelling through all 262 miles of our Men United March on 21-30 March.

But it soon became clear this was not just another charity walk. The scale of the challenge, the camaraderie and moving stories combined to create a special experience for everyone involved.

"Hundreds of individuals approached Jeff on the walk to speak about their own courageous battles with prostate cancer," recalls Johnny. "It was only when I met the likes of Errol McKellar and Kevin Webber [both of whom feature in the documentary] that I really began to fully understand.

"Just by promoting awareness of the disease, lives can be saved. Errol has proved this. Kevin found out too late, but his story of living with terminal prostate cancer is also inspiring."

And six weeks on, it’s still a vivid and unforgettable experience for Jeff as he prepares to watch the documentary.

"It was 10 days I will never forget," says Jeff. "From getting lost in Leeds to getting caught up in Storm Katie, walking alongside some incredible people, and crossing the finish line with Russ and my family.

"There were highs and lows, tears and triumphs, but being able to raise an amazing amount of awareness about this disease, not to mention more than £365,000 raised is incredible."

With the documentary scheduled for Sky Sports 1 and 2 this week, it’s a great chance to get our message out there and ensure football fans are aware of the dangers of ignoring prostate cancer.

Angela walking with Jeff

Our chief executive, Angela Culhane, who joined Jeff for more than 50 miles of the walk, says: "Our Men United March has helped wake men up to the need to take action. Thanks to the money raised, we can fund more ground-breaking research and make prostate cancer a disease the next generation of men need not fear."

But for Johnny, the whole experience just confirms his faith in the Beautiful Game. "I hope the documentary shows the power of football in bringing people together," he says. We think it shows the power of Men United and the growing popularity of our fight to stop prostate cancer being a killer.

Stelling’s March to the Arch is on Sky Sports 1 tonight, at 10.30pm, straight after Liverpool v Chelsea.

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