We've got more than 200 intrepid men and women running for us in the London Marathon today, who have so far raised over £250k! They all have reasons close to their hearts for taking part, and these are just a few of the moving stories behind why it's #NotJustAVest for any of them.

24 Apr 2016

Natalie Kemp

Natalie Kemp - running in memory of her uncle
"I decided to run for Prostate Cancer UK in memory of my beloved uncle, John Fraser, and to try and carry on the wonderful work he did for the charity. He spent the majority of the 14 years he was battling this disease not feeling sorry for himself, but relentlessly raising funds and awareness for Prostate Cancer UK with his wife Ann."

Beth Wilson - running for her dad
"When my dad was diagnosed in 2014, we knew so little about prostate cancer. We needed help to understand what he was going through and how treatments would affect him and our family. Prostate Cancer UK's website and information went a long way to helping us and I want to give something back so they can continue to help others."

Chris Dyson - running in memory of his stepdad
"I decided to run for Prostate Cancer UK because I watched my stepfather battle the disease for many years and it was heart-breaking to see him in such pain and not able to enjoy his life how he wanted to. I want to prevent this from happening to other people and to do this in memory of my wonderful stepfather."

Sam Walters

Sam Walters - running for his family
"A number of family members have suffered from prostate cancer in the past or are suffering currently, so it has always been something very close to my heart. For the last four years I have raised money for a number of cancer charities, including Prostate Cancer UK, grown a horrible moustache for a month. So I think my fiancée was delighted this year when I said I would do something different to help beat the disease."

Ray McGuire - running in memory of his father-in-law
"So many men die from this disease every year and if I can raise awareness and try and raise some money at the same time, it will hopefully go a long way to help fight this terrible disease. Dave fought long and hard with the support of his wife and four children but sadly lost his battle in September 2015. He was immensely proud of his children and especially of his four grandchildren that love and miss him dearly."

Jo Gregory

Jo Gregory - running in memory of her dad
"This is my chance to make a change, to make sure prostate cancer isn’t ignored and that other children won’t suffer in the way that my family has. I can never get my dad back, but I know I can do something positive in his memory and for the future of my sons."

Georgia Herron - running for her dad
"My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2011 and made a full recovery after being quickly treated. Thousands of men are in the same position as my father was and with the correct information and more funded research, they too can survive this disease."

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