With 10 days to go until Jeff Stelling's 262 mile march from Hartlepool United to Wembley Stadium we find out why Jeff is more motivated than ever to get his boots on and give prostate cancer a real beating.

Jeff Stelling with walking boots
11 Mar 2016


In only 10 days I’ll be pulling on my boots for the first day of my 262 mile challenge, it’s sinking in what I am about to embark on and how challenging this will be but all the support everyone has shown is really spurring me on!

When I first decided to do this challenge I had no idea how much it could potentially raise for Prostate Cancer UK, I just wanted to raise as much as possible and make sure men know about this awful disease.

Little did I know, the amazing people of the United Kingdom would pull together and hit the £100,000 target before I even took my first step!

Unbelievable Jeff!

Thank you to everyone who has donated, supported, and talked about me walking 10 marathons in 10 days.

£100,000 will go a long way for Prostate Cancer UK and will saves lives through research, treatment, care and will help stop men dying from prostate cancer. Within 5 years Prostate Cancer UK hope to provide GPs with a new risk tool to revolutionise how prostate cancer is diagnosed.

Jeff in the lab

I visited a lab in Newcastle and saw first-hand how important it is to identify a better test for diagnosing prostate cancer; HERE Dr Sophie Lutter explains how Prostate Cancer UK aims to do this.

Better diagnosis

Thanks to my former Soccer Saturday team-mate Ned Boulting for his kinds words of support, you’re right I may be no spring chicken but these legs will be moving quickly to get me to Wembley!

Thanks also to Willie Thorne for his message on TWITTER, I look forward to seeing you at The King Power Stadium – the question is with 5 points clear, will the Foxes still be sitting pretty at the top of the Premier League by Day 7 of my march?

This week I wrote a column for The Football League paper about the march, my fellow panellists on Soccer Saturday and of course my beloved Hartlepool FC.

The Football League Paper

The Final Countdown!

My great companion from Countdown, Rachel Riley has kicked off the 10 day countdown klaxon today with this lovely video:

I just want to thank everyone again for raising £100,000 so far! To keep myself and all those walking with me on our toes, I am raising the bar and setting the fundraising target to £200,000!

I know we can do this, so get behind me, get behind everyone marching to Wembley and get behind Prostate Cancer UK - please sponsor me here:

Sponsor Jeff

Together we can make a huge difference and stop prostate cancer being a killer!

See you next week to read my final blog before I take that first momentous step walking from Hartlepool to Wembley!


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