With three weeks to go, Jeff steps up his training efforts with a half-marathon walk and asks his fellow marcher mate, Russ Green, if there's a chance to reconsider! Plus more of Jeff's mates join the ranks as fundraising strides past £70,000 with a spate of new £1,000+ donors.

25 Feb 2016

Hello! Firstly, wow!! We have raised over £70,000 for Prostate Cancer UK so far. As Kammy would say: “Unbelievable!”

I can’t thank everyone enough for the support. I've been so impressed with everyone’s fundraising efforts but I'd like to give a special shout out to the following people (in alphabetical order) who have joined the £1,000 club. Amazing work – keep it up:

Hayley's good wishes and heroic Kevin joins the ranks

Fellow Sky Sports presenter and all-round lovely lady, Hayley McQueen, recorded a great video wishing me good luck this week. Thank you, Hayley, and I hope to see you at some point on the march!

I’d like to welcome Kevin Webber, who will be joining me on Day 10 of the march, starting from his much-loved AFC Wimbledon.

Kevin is living with advanced prostate cancer but he’s far from finished. He's raised over £20,000 for Prostate Cancer UK to date, running several marathons. Walking with me will form part of his training for the epic Marathon Des Sables in April.  

Before then, Kevin will walk out on to the Wembley pitch this Sunday as Prostate Cancer UK’s guest of honour at the Capital One Cup Final, taking his son with him for his 16th birthday. Great to have you on the march Kevin!


Serious training begins - no backing out now!

I got into some serious training this week, which brought home to me the enormity of the task.

On Monday I walked 13 miles in around four hours. Now I have done marathons before and after four hours I had finished. But this time I would have only been halfway round. And trust me, I was aching!

I immediately texted Russ Green (Hartlepool's CEO, and fellow 10 in 10 marcher) to see if we could do something else – a sponsored sleep perhaps – but he told me in no uncertain terms that it was too late to change anything now. (Ed: You tell him, Russ!)

Jeff and Russ

This week I'm pleased to announce that fellow Soccer Saturday panellist, Charlie Nicholas, will walk on day 2 with me – which means non stop talk about the Gooners. Former footballer Trevor Sinclair will walk with me on the final day, visiting his former club QPR at Loftus Road. I hope he brings his by-now legendary flat cap!

292 of you have signed up to walk with me so far and there’s still time to join me. But deadline day is fast approaching. Make sure you apply to register here by Friday 4 March to secure your place. If you cannot walk but would like to sponsor me, please click on the button below.

Sponsor Jeff

Have a great weekend and check back next Friday for my next blog.

All the best,



PS - Prostate Cancer UK unveiled their new strategy today to halve prostate cancer deaths within a decade. If the rising death trend continues, by 2026 prostate cancer will kill over 14,500 men every year – almost 4,000 more than the 10,900 it kills annually today. But Prostate Cancer UK estimates that deaths could be cut in half if the key areas of improving diagnosis and treatment can be resolved in the next ten years. Please consider a donation to help them do it.

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