Look out for your survey in the post and help shape the future of prostate cancer care in the UK.

29 Jan 2016

The second batch of our pioneering ‘Life after prostate cancer diagnosis’ survey is set to land on men’s doorsteps this month, after more than 20,000 were sent out around the UK in October.

Funded with support from the Movember Foundation and led by researchers at the University of Leeds and Queen’s University Belfast, the study aims to find out the impact of prostate cancer on everyday life by asking the only people who really know: men who’ve got the disease.

This is your chance to report your experiences and influence the future of prostate cancer care in the UK. We’ll be taking the results and using them to influence governments and health providers in all UK nations at all levels – from national decision-makers to local hospitals – to make sure they provide the support and care men say is important to them.

So if one of these surveys lands on your doorstep, please don’t throw it away. The questionnaire will only take about half an hour and will help us understand how tens of thousands of you have been affected by prostate cancer and what support you've had to deal with it. The research team doesn’t only want to know if your experience was bad, either. Knowing where and why men have good experiences of care will give us important examples of what should be happening elsewhere.

Read more about the study and some commonly asked questions.

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