Famed for his unique and exuberant presenting style, the Soccer Saturday and former Countdown frontman is joining Men United for an epic 260-mile walk over 10 days, raising both money for Prostate Cancer UK and awareness of the disease.

Jeff Stelling Hartlepool Stands
9 Jan 2016

Sky Sports presenter and Prostate Cancer UK ambassador Jeff Stelling is taking on an epic challenge in 2016 in the name of Men United. He will walk 262 miles - that's 10 walking marathons in 10 days. You might say "It's unbelievable, Jeff!"

We caught up with everyone's favourite Saturday afternoon companion to find out more about why he's marching to Wembley.

"In 2016 I wanted to do something different. I’ve been up Kilimanjaro, but I wanted to do something back here where people could see I was feeling the pain on behalf of a fantastic cause. This seemed like an ideal opportunity."

Jeff Stelling

"I’ve got friends and colleagues, people that the public know, like Bill Arthur and Eddie Hemmings - both big rugby league men - who I’ve known a long time. Great guys who’ve suffered from prostate cancer. It's not discerning: it hits the good guys as well, like Bill and Eddie. The good news is it can be treated if caught soon enough."

A lifelong Hartlepool fan, Jeff is proud to be backing our aim to beat prostate cancer within the next ten years with a walking challenge for Men United.

"I had 10 days available. And I knew that Hartlepool had never played at Wembley. By pure coincidence, the distance between the two was 260 miles – a marathon a day for 10 days. Ten in ten. It all just fell into place like a jigsaw."

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