Tom Davies, the youngest known person to cycle around the world, takes us on a picture tour of his extraordinary adventure that helped raise thousands for men with prostate cancer.

28 Sep 2015

Back in August, you may have seen news reports of 19-year-old Tom Davies' extraordinary around-the-world cycle ride, making the South Londoner the youngest person known to have completed the feat. But what you might not have known is that he also raised almost £68,000 for three charities  and we were one of them.

Tom's amazing 18,000-mile journey over eight legs took him through 21 countries in 174 days. From Burmese elephant crossings to broken wheels in the Outback, he talked us through a few of his highlights with a selection of photos from his blog. Enjoy the ride...

Leg 1: London to Instanbul

The biggest thing that scared me was quitting. I know I would take that worse in the long run, so I never gave myself that option.

Hitting the Med at Cannes on day 9...

 ...and in the mountains of Albania one week later.

Leg 2: Mumbai to Kolkotta, India

What makes coming to India so special is the people. The friendliest, most inquisitive, and most hospitable of any I have ever come across.

The rolling countryside out of Mumbai.

Above the waters en route to Goa.

Legs 3 & 4: South East Asia

After leaving India, progressing through Burma, Thailand, Malaysia and now into Singapore it has become more and more western and easier to handle.

Your average Myanmar roadscene.

Climbing the forested mountains into Thailand. 

Leg 5: Perth to Brisbane, Australia

7,211 miles down, only 10,789 to go…

The long, straight road out of Perth...

...eventually leading to the Great Ocean Road. 

Leg 6: Duneidin to Auckland, New Zealand

The major downside I’ve found with New Zealand is the roads. Whilst they don’t have holes, they are often really rough and make a considerable difference to speed and comfort when riding a bike.

The breathtaking climb out of Duneidin.

A full rainbow coming into Picton Harbour. 

Leg 7: San Francisco to Boston, via Canada

North America trumped everywhere else by a long way for mechanical problems.

4 punctures, a broken wheel rim and 6 broken spokes! But the scenery was worth it. From forests to deserts on the West Coast...

...into the vast agricultural plains of the Palouse region... 

...and on to the mighty Niagara Falls. 

Leg 8: Lisbon to London

Tom's final leg after almost 7 months abroad.

All I’ve done is turn the pedals. The amount of work done by my parents behind the scenes has been phenomenal.

From Portugal to Spain... 

...then San Sebastian into France... 

...before a big welcome back home in South London.

Chapeau, Tom, from everyone at Prostate Cancer UK!

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